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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Keeping up with the updates when you join Contests/Giveaways.


How many of you love and so addicted to joining as many contests and giveaways as possible? Please raise-up your hands (even though I can't see you. hehe) How do you keep make sure that you are not going to miss the announcement of the result? Have you ever missed any result announcement before?

I've missed some announcements of the contests/giveaways result. I've missed out one or two prizes too due to that. BUT for me, I just think that if it's not meant to be mine, it's okay. It was my mistake too when I was not able to keep checking the updates when I was too busy with work and family matters. It's just that, I reckon sometimes the organizers can help to notify the winners personally because many bloggers have their own personal life and it's hard to keep up with the updates when most of the time, the result will be dragged to few days or even a week or two after the due date, then only the final result is announced. 

I personally have helped to notify two personally two of the winners from the previous contest that I organized just because I don't want them to miss out the opportunity to win something. Now.............what do you reckon about this issue?


dbalkis said...

For me yg dulu2 rajin join contest now blog pun tak selalu update, bila join contest mmg tergedik2 alert nk check result, tpi mmg kadang2 ada yg termiss update. Ada orgsniser baik hati personally remind dan ada orgiser lupa nk bagi hadiah or hadiah tak sampai tpi i malas follow up tak de rezeki. So terpulang masing2 dan sy sangat hargai organiser yg keep in touch dengan contestants/winners.

QarezmaV said...

missing out on the announcement is one reason i try not to enter too many giveaways.. plus it makes my blog page look so monotonous if i dont post entries to giveaways :P

Nadiah Sidek said...

nadiah pun rasa penganjur kena inform pemenang2 yg diorg dah menang. kdg2 kita tak perasan pun, nak2 bila join ga/contest ni byk blog kena follow. berpinar gak mata nak check kat dashbord tu

yatie chomeyl said...

tu la, nasib baik kwn2 blog ado yg tlg oyat sokmo kalu mene. ti pon terlepas sokmo utk check

kakyong said...

yer, sebaiknya pemenang harus diinform... baru la nampak professional kan... ;)

kakyong perasan, la ni ramai penganjur yg malas menjejak n3 peserta & malas nak notify pemenang, at least tinggalkan pesan di kotak jerit...