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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I don't want to be fat!


This little girl is growing taller and skinnier everyday. She is so worry about her weight and being so careful about her image. Whenever her family members comment on the fact that she is so skinny, she just smile. But she always tell her mummy, I don't want to be fat!". Her mommy reckons that it might be partly her fault of always watching the program "The Biggest Loser". She has been affected by the program. Her mommy has to now educate her correctly about the real healthy lifestyle and the fact that those contestants in the program are actually having lots f problems due to their excessive weight.

This is SHE

Fathini: Mama, do you want me to be fat like this?
Me: No that's not what I mean.

I'm in a dilemma sometimes when I talk about weight issue as I think I myself still have the issue especially after I gave birth to both Fathini and Hafizah. My hubby wants me to not be so skinny as I used to. But now, after going back to work (about 8 months since June 2010), I have lost some weight due to fatigue and the lost of appetite after a long day at work.  I'm afraid that Fathini pick up the bad habit of "make-so-much-fuss" about her body. I just want her to healthy and happy. Most mothers want that right?


Affieza said...

Kecik2 dh pndai komplen ttg berat badan ni...hehe

yatie chomeyl said...

tini x gemuknyo, kurus kering macam cik ti doh hehe. btw cik ti pun dh gemuk siki tlo ni sbb make byk maso winter

Nadiah Sidek said...

sepupu nadiah ada gitu masa kecik2 dulu. risau betul dia kalau dia gemuk. mmg selalu tak mkn (diet la kononnya) tapi bila dah jadi anak dara, mak aih...berisi jadinya

win@momyShaneQeisha said...

very cute both of them...:)

cikpuanhady said...

huhuhu..yg contest with a book tu terhad umur 3 tahun je kak..huhuhu..

Jom skodeng : Jom guna banner tanpa Valentine

transformed housewife said...

Fieza- mmg budak2 zaman skrg advance. kecik2 dah pandai nak jaga bdn. huhu

Cik Tie- Cik Tie tu meme keno gemuk sikit baru lg comei sbb Cik Tie tinggi :P

Nadiah- maybe sbb hormon masa remaja tengah tak stabil kot.


ummiarissa said...

selepas bersalin anak ke 6-baru beria-ia saya nak turunkan berat badan..okay lagi sekarang ni still berat badan ideal..55kg...kalau tak 60 kg...tak nak!

Hamizah said...

dah pandai melaram la tu..
bdk2 sekrg ni..

transformed housewife said...

UmmiArissa- wah anak dah 6 masih berjaya turunkan berat badan. Cayalah.

Mizah- mmg diaorg ni advance. Mama diaorg yg tak terkejar nih.

isabelle said...

ehehehe..jgn jadi anorexic sudahhhh

transformed housewife said...

Isabelle- mintak2 jgnler. tak cantiklaa kalau anorexic.