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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No suck up policy here now! THAT'S SOOOOO GOOOOOOD


Are you familiar with office politics? Do you  always aware of what's happening in your office or workplace? Have you ever suck up your boss just to get what you want? Or have you seen other people in your workplace do that? What do you feel about those who love to suck up just to get a raise, to be noticed and appreciated and also to get a promotion?

I always HATE this kind of sucking up manner. WHY? It's SIMPLE. Those who love to suck up are normally those who are lazy to do their work properly but want to be rewarded quickly without doing so much work. AGREE? NOT AGREE? I've been working under 5 different immediate bosses now and some of them can be influenced by those opportunists. Maybe sometimes they don't realized the fact that the opportunists managed to influenced them because well, no one can be a perfect boss like we can't really be a perfect worker right?

Right now, I feel so happy that our new boss is the type that don't really entertain those opportunists. For him, as long as we do our work properly and we just need to go and see him to discuss our problems, he is fine with us. I can see that some who used to suck up to the previous boss are kind of lost now as they can't even try to influence this new boss. HAHA. So, at the end, we are going to be assessed and audited according to our performance and not based on-if-we-really-now-how-to-suck-up anymore.

What about in your workplace? Do you also face this kind of office politics? Do you dislike the opportunists too(not personally but maybe bcs of their behaviour)? What do you do to deal with the opportunists?


SyidaGorjes said...

ive bn working for 3 different offices for 8 yrs.semua tempat ada opportunist.menci!

Nia said...

opportunists? i'm not affected kak,..sbb me and my colleagues got different job function. mustahil utk kami outshine satu sama lain.hehe,..

transformed housewife said...

Syida- mmg akk pun benci org2 mcm tu.

Nia- bagusla kalau mcm tu.

kakyong said...

masa kita jd org bawahan & dpt bos yg jenis suka dibodek.. memang sakit..

tp masa kakyong masuk kerja , kerja no2.. kakyong find-out kwn yg sama level (kakyong bos, dia pun bos juga, tp bos level 3 dr bawah.. ;), on top of us ade 2 lagi bos).. kwn ni suka arah2 jer staff dia buat kerja.. dia amik nama jer.. asyik salahkan staff tak reti buat kerja lah..

tak lama dia resign, agaknya bos besor pun dah perasan dia ni jenis suka bodek.. then kakyong kena amik staff dia & kerja2 yg ditinggalkan.. punyalah byk koje... semua tak sistematik.. lepas 5-6 bulan staff tu bawah kakyong, hampir semua kerja selesai ikut jadual & staff tu tak yah stayback pun...

bila bos atas kakyong, compliment sbb berjaya kurangkan kos (xde stayback, xde la OT kan).. ade juga yg x senang hati... siap mengata kita bodek bos besor pulak... ishh.. x kuasa lah kan... kita buat kerja & selesaikan masalah.. bodek2 ni tak main la...