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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The prizes have been posted.


This is just an announcement to the winners of "My hardworking child/children Contest". I've posted the prizes late in the afternoon today. Hopefully by the day after tomorrow or by Friday, all of you will receive the token of appreciations from me. Thank you.


LYA m@m@ ASYA said...

tenkiu pihak penganjur :-)
sgt2 hargainya....

jom kt kenal lbh rapat di blog personal sy:-

Idayu said...

thanks nur!

Mama_Fatin said...

tenkiu..waiting for mr postmen hehehe

Mama_Fatin said...

tenkiu..waiting for mr postmen hheee

transformed housewife said...

lya- ok. nanti nak jenguk blog lya.

Idayu- u're welcome.

Mama fatin- hopefully u'll like the prize.